Tuesday, November 7, 2017

More Contribution to XCode Community!

One of my friends asked me, you get a lot of revenue from writing tutorial blog? My answer is - NO. I get like 0.001 cents per day from my blog currently lol. My blog isn't famous like appcoda or raywenderlich. So why do I keep on doing it? Simple - I always view that anything I learn, is an inspiration that is meant to be shared to everyone. I do it because I love to share what I know. Often, I faced with a problem to do something in my own apps, and upon finding a solution I like to document it, because I am sure others might have the same problem or obstacle. By sharing what I found or created, we advance together.

Enough intro. Anyway this post is a short one. I just want to announce yet another contribution that I am making towards the XCode Community - MY FIRST EVER GITHUB REPO!!!! OMG! Sorry I am too excited for this.

First repo is a flexible Toolbar/Tabbar. I have added a list of my Github repo in the left bar for future reference. Well, that's about it for this blogpost. I am thinking to redo the Switchy object as a proper repo next. Stay tune. Or not. Whatever dude and dudette.

Ps. I forgot to put the link to my main GITHUB REPO: GENECODE GITHUB

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