Thursday, January 29, 2015

Atari Online Voice Synthesizer


This is not a tutorial. But I have something cool for you. See I am in the making of my 5th iOS Game, then in need of some 8 bit voice., gives me some. But I need to have it say a certain customized words. So I went on and search for the Atari Simulator for Mac. Found some, but I can't figure out how the heck do I install the speech simulator.

Upon searching further I encountered this cool online Voice Synthesizer that sounds exactly like the one I want - Atari version! So without further delay here is:


Atari Voice Synthesizer

Currently compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Safari + iOS.

How To Get The Sound as File

Many ways you can do it. In both Windows and Mac you can use Soundflower to direct the output of sound to "Soundflower Channel". Then use Audacity (a free sound editor) to record the sound (set the Input to Soundflower Channel).

Cool eh?

Note: The javascript and codes in making this possible is NOT made by me. I copied it from I thought it'd be cool to host it on a in case that site is down in the future. All credits goes to creator. Thanks. :D


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  3. Hello !, it does not work on Chrome 55 64bit.