Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Tutorial: Making a Platform Game Like Mario With SpriteKit (Part 1 - The Basics)

Another year is gone. I remember when I was a little boy, I'd be hyped when people talk about the "FUTURE". That time, circa 1980s, the "FUTURE" means anywhere in the year 2000+. The year 2020 is somewhat special though due to its nice number arrangement. 2020 itself sounds futuristic. But lo and behold, we are almost there now! 40 years have passed just like that. I have to admit when you reach 40, time seems to go by much more faster. It seems you have so much to do, but there isn't just enough time to do it. Get busy living, get busy dying.

20MHz Processor LMAO. 8 Grand 

Friday, August 30, 2019

How To: Use Cocoapods for Your XCode Projects

Hi guys. Been a while eh? As for me, been busy with updating my apps. I just updated one of my kids game Eggs Surprise With Friends. Improved on the graphics and gameplay based on user feedback back in 2016 HAHAH! First, an intro.

Human beings rely on blind beliefs to have a large-scale cooperation. We all believe in something that is not there physically. We believe in God (some of us not all of course). God is nowhere to be seen, cannot be measured, cannot be heard, cannot be touched. We believe in our country. Yet, a country is merely a make belief concept, and exists only in maps. We believe in the company we work in. But the company does not exist other than on papers. Our collective belief that the company exists, make us feel we belong to it, and therefore we can together work towards a common goal - be it increasing the company's profits for employees' benefits, or prospering a nation, or mass producing products. Belief in the unseen is important and needed for humanity, unless when it starts to oppress others.

How's that for an intro? :D

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

How To: Update Your old SpriteKit Game to be Compatible with iPhone X, XS, XR, XS Max

Yoooo wazaaaaapppppp...

Ok, first, a witty intro (again?).

We often hear people say do not disturb a developer or programmer. But often we do not understand why. It is not the same as disturbing someone who is doing a regular office job. When a programmer is coding, he is actually building a Millenium Falcon lego model in his head. All the parts are assembled in his head in groups. Once you disturb a programmer, all the groups that are built in his head (but not yet assembled), will crumble and he will have to start over from zero.

Take my advice: If you see programmer coding, DO NOT SAY ANYTHING TO HIM. DO NOT EVEN COME NEAR.